March 05, 2015
Posted by: Jeremy
Category: Murder Miners X

A quick look at one of the very early builds of Murder Miners X! Alpha access is coming.

January 26, 2015
Posted by: Jeremy
Category: Murder Miners X

Development of Murder Miners X is gradually coming along. More pics coming soon. A few weeks ago we decided to make the switch from Unreal Engine 4 over to Unity. This engine uses C# which is much faster/easier to code in, at least for Jonny, especially since he's used to XNA which also uses C# (UE uses C++). Originally we decided on UE4 because we thought it would be the safe choice especially in terms of avoiding networking bugs. But the on-going development of the 3rd-party Unity networking library, Bolt, and the realization of just how much longer coding the game in C++ would take and how much higher the system requirements a UE4 game would have, has tipped the scales.

Switching to Unity shouldn't have any real impact on how our game will look since we were never going to use the full graphical capabilities of UE4 anyway. Also, possibly the best thing about Unity is that we could have an Xbox 360 version, with UE4 that's impossible. Though if we want this to happen we'll need Microsoft to approve the game for XBLA way before they phase out Xbox Live on 360, which is apparently going to happen in 2016. So we really need to buckle down and get something ready to submit to them sometime later this year. Before then though, we will be giving alpha access to PC pre-orderers, hopefully raising enough funds to purchase Voxel Farm. And after that we'll head to Early Access on Steam and then hopefully to Xbox 360 sometime later, and eventually Xbox One/PS4 and even iOS/Android if this game really takes off.

January 07, 2015
Posted by: Jeremy
Category: Murder Miners X

First look at Murder Miners X! This model is a work in progress (for instance, the shoulder pieces aren't added yet). And this is the high poly version which is made for texturing purposes. The actual version will be lower poly. Think something like Master Chief from Halo CE. We're again working with Mike Fortais on this.

And here is the MurderMinersHub reaction:

November 24, 2014
Posted by: Jeremy
Category: Murder Miners X

AKA Murder Miners 2. It's now in development! We’re using Unreal Engine 4 We're using Unity, with the plan to release on PC/Mac/Linux and hopefully Xbox One/PS4 and maybe more. We’re taking the core Murder Miners gameplay, fleshing it out and focusing on:

-a complete graphical overhaul, including smooth terrain and actual lighting
-extreme weapon diversity
-extreme player mobility
-open-world survival/infection mode: Basically the plan with this mode is that you’ll be exploring an infinite, procedurally generated world (maybe with non-procedural “dungeons” hidden here and there), mining for resources and using those resources to build defenses and gain more weapons/vehicles which allow you to explore more of the world and explore it more efficiently, while combating AI and player-controlled zombies/creatures and other miners.
-matchmaking/ranking for competitive play. We want a big tournament scene for MMX (we even want the functionality to bet on games with real money, like a game called Blood Toll tried to do).

These are goals, not promises.

We do want to find another experienced programmer to help with all this.

Why not just continue updating Murder Miners 1 forever?

We’ve already spent a year updating it after release on Xbox. We’ve been working on this game for about 3 years now. We want to work on something new. Murder Miners X is where our excitement and passion is at. This is the game that’s really going to put us on the map. There’s too many things that need to be completely redone in MM1 in order to get it to a near “perfect” state, which is the goal for MMX. If we were to work on all the things that fans want added to MM1, it would cost us hundreds of hours of work/tens of thousands of dollars. We and you are much better off if we spend that time & money on MMX.

Follow the development on our blog, play early builds

We’ll try to post regular updates on our progress. Hoping to release a very early, bare-bones version that you can play in a few months. So stay tuned and don’t do drugs.

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