April 10, 2010
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Ok, if you're one of the poor saps who doesn't pay attention to our twitter updates over there on the sidebar, well first off you should kill yourself promptly, then you should go read our interview at xblaratings.com. Then ask yourself, are we not the greatest interviewees ever? The answer is yes, yes we are. The interview covers stuff like Avatar Showdown conceptualization, strategies, hype-bait for Unstoppable, and obese women with diarrhea & extremely heavy menstrual cycles.

Next up, our biggest splash in the press was here on Kotaku (probably the most popular gaming blog in the world). Yours truly had the genius idea to include their chief editor in the game, with a quote from that hilarious Brian Crecente spoof video.

And The Sixth Axis posted the trailer, admitted it's awesome stuff. Speaking of which, I think we may have created the most black or white trailer of all time. Some say it sucks, while others say it's the best trailer ever, better than the game itself, or even the only reason they bought the game. So that's good.

Now on to the reviews. Most of them are pretty negative, basically because the game is so simple. But hey, all that matters is that WE like the game, right guys? ...guys? Continue »

September 23, 2009
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"You guys are kind of like the "bad boys" of indie game developers, does that image bother you or do you thrive on it?"

Read the interview!

EDIT: That site is no more. The interview is reposted here: Continue »

August 14, 2009
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June 29, 2008
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Hey look! More coverage! And boy, the people sure do love us. They really love us! Some of my favorite comments:

"Oh, J Force. The "all talk, no walk" guys."

"You lads deserve to be knocked down about several million pegs. You seem like a bunch of arrogant f*ckwits, your game concept sounds dumb, with all the usual 'wacky' cliches I hate about stereotypical indie games, and your documentary just appeared to be a great big jerk-off about how great you all are."


"Who the hell are these people and how do I get rid of them"

"I won't be tuning in for episode 2 I'm afraid, no matter how entertaining it promises to be. I just can't bring myself to give a shit. Come back when there's something for me to look at which is worth looking at other than your gurning mugs, eh?"

Oh man, we have such great fans already. This is FANtastic! (as Ty would say)

And oh, apparently THE Gabe Newell (or just some poser) left this comment:

"My expectation is that this game is going to be such a huge hit that these guys will likely buy out Valve entirely within 3-5 years.

In fact, this game is going to be so incredibly good that the entire gaming world will wee itself a little bit when it gets released. On account of the excitement.

Woa woa woa. Buying out Valve? That might be a bit out of our league, even for us. I mean, maybe we'll have a shot at buying out id Software or something. But Valve? I dunno, it's a long shot.

So anyway, go check it out. There's some pretty funny comments.

June 28, 2008
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Yes! *pumps fist* Our first "mainstream" coverage! I...am...excited. So there I was, dead-tired, about to go to bed (I haven't gotten much sleep these last few days) when I decided to check my feed reader real quick before I hit the sack. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted "J Force" under my 360Fanboy feed, and I was immediately wide awake, super pumped.

I quickly called Jesse and was like, "dude, guess what"
Jesse: "What?!"
Me: "Guess who posted about us"
Jesse: "James Silva?!" (Jesse gots the hots for that dude. In fact, so do I. I think we're gonna force him to join us one day. I mean, his name does start with J. He's a perfect fit!)
Me: "No."
Jesse: "Peter Molyneux?!" (I have no idea why he guessed him. And oh, PS: I'm Peter Molyneux's long lost son)
Me: "What? No! It's a blog you read everyday."
Jesse: "NO. WAY. 360fanb-"
Me: "Yes. 360fanboy. YES."
Jesse: "OH EM GEE! ohmygodohmygodohmygod!"
[girlish giggling ensued] (not really)
Jesse: "So what are you gonna do with your 50 million?"

Yeah, it went something like that.