This is where the magic happens

So summer is here, which means no school for Jonny and Ty, and since I quit my job and moved back in with my parents, and since Ty got FIRED from his job as head waiter, and since we have money from Avatar Showdown, that means we're all working full-time on games...dream come true, right? Well, not quite, because, you see, we hate making games and we hate playing games and we hate gamers and OK YES IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE THIS IS AWESOME! ...I've actually never been happier in my entire life (of course I'll be a lot more happy once I get away from the parents, but hey, beats delivering pizza).

Anyway, the image above shows our new workplace, TokBox. It's the best site I could find that allows free webcamming for more than 2 users (we each live about 45 minutes away from each other now and we're definitely not ready to get actual office space yet). So we're treating this like a real job, every weekday we log-in to the site at 9 and work til 4 or so. That gives us each at least 30-35 hours a week, which really isn't enough, but we here at JForce Games are lazy folk, you know. Naw I kid, we'll work more than that, those are just the required "together hours." Now we're also using 14dayz to track our time, TightVNC for screen-sharing, XP-Dev for source control, box.net and dropbox for file sharing, and then Google Docs for real-time doc editing and to-do lists. I strongly recommend a system like this for any geographically-challenged indie teams out there, especially if you lack self-discipline. Obviously it's great for communication, but it also really helps with accountability.

So what are we up to, you ask? Heh, we're actually working on like 5 different games. Crazy right? Actually forget I said that. Just know this:

-Ty's been learning programming. Seeing how he's really good at everything, I have no doubt he'll become a very competent programmer, and in short time too. He's also spending time on all my required reading material over marketing and business and stuff.

-I'm working on design stuff for Unstoppable (plus doing some 3d animation for a secret game or two).

-Jonny is working on the Unstoppable level editor & PC version (and a secret game).

-Jordan is back, working on level graphics for our new Unstoppable art direction (more on that later).

-Jesse is keepin it gangster...and actually he'll be helping out with reference footage later this week.

-Egoraptor's hard at work on cutscenes, says this is his best work yet. He showed us a rough draft for the first scene awhile ago, and yes...awesome. He even said that if he was making a demo reel then this would be the only thing he'd include on it. Awesome overload. Can't wait to see it finished!

Also can't wait to play the new Zelda! And the new Donkey Kong Country! And the new Metroid!