“Seriously such a great game. Thank you so much for giving console FPS new life”

“Best console fps in terms of "feel" since Halo 1 imo (I still regularly LAN Halo 1).”

“been playing it all night. very very very good. like best halo since 1 good.”

“game is pretty fantastic. prob the most fun I've had since halo 1.”

“I love these new movement options. I always said, the perfect FPS would be halo 1, but you could move like a ninja.”

“Played a 1v1 with someone on what seemed like a smaller or maybe incomplete remake of Dust. It was the most fun I've had playing an FPS game in quite some time. It's not without its faults, but aiming just feels soooo good. Can't wait to see this evolve.”

“Even in beta, this game is hands down more fun than any of the FPS I've played over the past 2 years.”

“i got this game and i am a HUGE halo fan, i have all the halos and i have to say....,This was way funner and better :D”

“Not a halo fan by ANY means, but this is pretty damn fun!”

“this game is awesome ! im in love with it. Keep it up make this game even more awesome. This game could make it to the popularity of minecraft and Halo”

“the game is amazing. Especially for only being $3, and especially for only being in Beta.”

“halo 1 3sk pistol and maps? sold. would pay a far greater price.”

“I've always wanted something like this for the xbox. In fact this is the first Indie Game I buy and I've been playing xbox since launch, so clearly you guys did something the others were missing.”

“This game is absolutely phenomenal. My favorite game (Halo), combined with my favorite Indie Game (Total Miner), to make this marvelous creation that goes by the name of 'Murder Miners'. This game is an absolute masterpiece, and is definitely one of the greater gems in the XBLIG at the moment.”

“brilliant game the best ive sen on the indie game marketplace in a long time, i hope it gets more popular, im sharing this everywhere i can :)”

“I'm definitely enjoying MM thus far and I'm excited to see how things will develop going forward. The forge systems rocks, so with a few game updates, I think MM will go a long way as great game.”

“The amount of stuff you can do is amazing. The game plays VERY well, and the team is very dedicated as I messaged a developer praising him for the effort put into it, and him and 2 of his buddies messaged me back thanking me for the kind words. The game has tons of stuff coming, and the developers seem to be very dedicated to their game.”

“you guys are quickly becoming my favorite developers.”

“finally just got murder miners and i love it. the work you guys put out is amazing. Also how you reply to customers unlike every other company is what makes you guys better.”

“I was also impressed with the level of staff interaction over XBL. Seems like a good group of people running things at JForce Games.”

“I really like the direction you guys are moving in, and this down-to-earth communication with fans is sweet.”

“You guys put so much effort into this game and its noticeable at the start menu. This game definitely deserves five stars, I’m so use to the half functioning games people make just for the money.”

“Hey- just wanted to thank you for basically validating the value of xbla indie games.”

"Minecraft 360 could learn a few things from your design mode, that's for sure."

"the most fun I've had online for ages"

"I swear these guys are the next Bungie. Keep it up!"

"Best indie game EVER"

"You guys have exceeded what I thought was even possible for an Indie Game on the Xbox 360, with all the content and smoothness and such. This game blows my mind on a daily basis, and I'm so happy to purchased such a gem for only 240MSP!"

"Hey JForce, I'm gonna be 100% honest with you, I don't really like Minecraft, and I hate Halo but this game is freakin awesome and I only have the trial."

"Just wanted to say thanks for infection mode. It's soo fun that it even got my wife playing from time to time when my daughter leaves her controller unattended..lol. It's great to be able to play a game with/against my wife. We've not gamed together in years."

"I had bad thoughts of infection, thinking its going to be some crap remake of deathmatch but with zombies, but now I know not to judge you guys. I had the most fun on infection than in any Halo game. I don't even care if I die, its just to much fun."

"You know, I can't say that I've ever met such a wonderful team in my life of gaming. You guys put a lot of effort into both the game and your community. I thank you on my and everyone else's behalf. Keep up the good work!"

"This is the best indie game ever I am obsessed with it keep up the amazing work"

"Hey JForce, you guys are the some of the greatest indie developers ever, keep up the great work!!"

"The way I see it, there's a reason why hundreds of people still play Halo CE for the PC instead of picking up a copy of Halo 4. 343 ruined Halo, but I should stop there because this isn't a Halo 4 complaint thread. In my opinion, Murder Miners is the savior of the FPS genre."

"My goodness, your game is so freaking awesome! I'm kinda surprised that so few people have noticed you're supremely awesome game! Such an immense amount of customization! My goodness, you guys are brilliant!"

"I expected less from you guys, I thought this game was like other indie games, obviously I was wrong... this game is one of the best indie games I seen on Xbox Live, and I'd love to see more from you guys! Take as much time as you need to make every single step worth it, I want this to be a thing, I hope a publisher of any kind (Ubisoft, EA, Etc.) will take you guys, you're going places JForce. Oh yeah, Murder Miners sequel for Xbox One? I was actually planning on PS4 but, if Murder Miners is going on Xbox One I'll get that console just for that game."

"Murder Miners has better mechanics than Halo 4. In MM I can change directions really fast, which gives me the option of dodging my opponent's shots. Halo 4's movement is too slow and clunky to do that. The controls in MM are responsive and crisp, and the weapon sandbox is consistent and well balanced. Halo 4's weapon sandbox is inconsistent and random. This game is much more like Halo 1 than anything else."

"At 1$ it was the biggest steal I have ever encountered. Never has one feeble dollar ever been enjoyed so much."

"I'd just like to say that this is the greatest FPS i have ever played and it is worth every cent"

"Murder Miners is one of the few indie games on the 360 that the devs put effort in. Allot of effort. This game deserves much more than it is getting."

"Thank you JForce for this amazing game! I truly don't understand how full price games like COD or Counterstrike can be so successful when there is this great piece of software that does so much more at such a low cost. You guys even managed to make infection modes that play better than any Halo's. More game makers need to be like you guys, caring about function, not graphics. Keep up the good work, I'm really hoping for a 360 version of Murder Miners X."

"I actually thoroughly enjoyed the original game. Sure it didn't look great, but it had plenty of content for an indy game to actually feel like a smaller-budget triple-A game."

"been playing MM since it's launch with textureless guns on 360, it's come so far and it's still my favorite Xbox game to this day, congrats on making one of the best multiplayer expierences out there."