Got the first Murder Miners update into peer review yesterday afternoon, so if all goes well it should be out sometime Friday evening/night. We changed our minds a couple times on some of those weapon changes too. First off, the pistol will go up to a 10 bullet clip, not 12, and it won't have as fast a rate of fire as Halo CE, but it will be faster. We playtested with the 3 shots per second ROF and decided it would just be too dominant, as headshots are easier to get in our game then in Halo CE (you guys agree with that?) Also did some of the things discussed in this thread by SoloXIII, like giving the machine gun (which we kept named machine gun instead of assault rifle) burst fire accuracy and headshot bonus, plus made the shotgun much less random and improved the shotgun's camouflage mode. Oh and we added alt fire to the machine gun...just press R while holding B to unload your whole clip really fast but really's sort of useless/gimmicky right now but it's cool to look at. The sniper still has 4 shots per clip and its ricochet, but we slowed its rate of fire down. We don't want people running around no-scoping in close quarters maps, all these changes should make that less of an issue.

And we added some community maps! And you'll be able to play zombies mode on any map now!

Also we lowered the price to 80msp ($1), so if you still haven't bought it yet now's your chance.