This recent Zoe Quinn scandal really has JForce riled up. Controversial things are happening all the time in the game industry and we usually have a very strong position on them, which we believe is the right position. Our position is usually the one that hardly anyone else is taking due to it being politically incorrect, and if people do take our position they usually don't argue it as well as we could. So we should really be speaking up when shit like this goes down, starting with this, because nobody else is really making our arguments here (but they should be).

The Zoe Quinn scandal is a great example of how hypocritical and unfair feminist culture can be. That really upsets me and motivates me to write this (also motivating me is the fact that I've dealt with girls like this before). If you're not familiar with Zoe Quinn, read this and/or play Oppression Quest (a parody of her game Depression Quest). This story is blowing up all over twitter and forums and tumblr and blogs, but the big sites aren't covering it, claiming that it's a "personal" matter. Then you have Reddit threads/comments being deleted, forum threads being deleted, etc. Point is, so many people don't want this story to get attention. They think Zoe Quinn doesn't deserve any public backlash. They think this backlash against her is a "sexist crusade."

So how do we prove sexism and hypocrisy here? Well, we're in luck because a similar situation happened just earlier this year with Josh Mattingly, with the genders reversed, with the man's wrongdoing being way less harmful/immoral and yet nobody was trying to cover up that story. Nobody was saying that it was a private issue that should remain private. Every big site was covering it heavily, writing everything they could to ruin Josh Mattingly's life.

So the question is, to the people who think Zoe Quinn's scandal should remain private, could you answer why Josh Mattingly deserved all that hate, harassment, negative press, and the loss of his job but Zoe Quinn does not?

You do agree that lying and manipulating and cheating on your partner multiple times is way worse than coming on to someone strongly with crude text messages, right?

Which would you rather have happen to you?

1) an acquaintance (who later claims to have been drunk), sends you a few crude text messages on Facebook in an attempt to have sex with you (this happens after you respond positively to their first crude message).


2) your first love, that you're in a long-term serious relationship with, repeatedly lies to you, gaslights you, manipulates you (convinces you they have a very principled stance against cheating, even persuading you to not hang out with friends of the opposite sex), and cheats on you with at least 5 different people (at one point having sex with you just hours after fucking someone else behind your back), not only putting you at risk of STD's but absolutely ripping your heart to shreds, putting you through extreme distress and sleepless nights.

Obviously everyone in their right mind would rather have the first option happen to them. What Zoe Quinn did is far, far more damaging and immoral in any sense of the word than what Josh Mattingly did. It's not even close.

Yet, there are so many people standing completely on the side of Zoe Quinn, covering up the story, brushing it off as a "private issue" even though they did everything they could to ruin Josh Mattingly's life. Why wasn't his offense a private issue?

When we also factor in these facts:

1) She faked/exaggerated being a harassment victim in order to get press for her game.
2) She sabotaged a perfectly legitimate game jam to cut out competition of her own game jam.
3) She abused DMCA takedown policy to avoid negative press.
4) She slept with several guys who could or did further her career.

...Then it's beyond clear that the people backing Quinn that also crusaded against Mattingly have been brainwashed by feminist ideology. This is blatant hypocritical sexism. In other words, these people are (subconsciously) making their judgement based on gender rather than actions. There is no way to give a reasonable explanation for why Josh Mattingly deserved all that backlash but Zoe Quinn does not.

To make matters worse, Quinn is showing no remorse, not even acknowledging any wrongdoing on her part and actually accusing the ex-boyfriend of unethical behavior, while Mattingly at least came out and apologized after the shitstorm.

You could say that we're not sure that Ex-boyfriend is telling the truth. Except that would be stupid to say because 1) the same could have been said about the woman in the Mattingly situation, but it wasn't. The press went on to light him up. And 2) the likelihood of ex-boyfriend making this whole thing up, spending days on that huge blog post, coming up with all these intricate details involving other public figures that they haven't denied, that Quinn hasn't denied, writing and photoshopping together all those chat logs...there is no way that was all made up. I shouldn't even have to include this but people are actually trying to make this part of their argument, just as an additional "oh yeah I'll throw that argument in there too!" type of thing.

But ignoring Josh Mattingly entirely, we're still upset with the fact that so many people think Zoe Quinn's infidelity should remain private. They are wrong. There are some private relationship issues that should become public. This is a great example. So is the fact that Tiger Woods secretly slept with 120 women during his 5 year marriage. Let's say you're one of the guys who ends up wanting to be with Zoe Quinn in the future. Now, because of her ex-boyfriend publicizing this, you get to find out the type of person she really is. You decide you don't want to be with her because of this information and you're very thankful to the ex-boyfriend for revealing this. All future potential suitors can know what they're getting themselves into. That's a very good thing. Wouldn't you want to know if the person you're marrying, the person who's going to raise your children with you, has a history of being a cheating, manipulative liar? Yes, of course you would. Therefore, you should agree that it's a good thing we have Ex-boyfriend making this public. You should wish that everybody would go public after their partner does something this extreme. That way, you could quickly find out whether that person you're interested in dating is a horrible disgusting human being like Zoe Quinn is. This would benefit everyone except for the horrible disgusting people who continually lie and manipulate and cheat their way through life. That is the world every decent person should want to live in. A world that has strong disincentives for treating people this terribly, and benefits the good people who just want to find an honest, loving relationship with less risk of lies and heartbreak (and of course STD's).

Or did you want her to get off scott-free? The only loss being the loss of her beta boyfriend? And you want all her future suitors to be unaware of the type of woman they're dealing with? All while you're glad Josh Mattingly got so much hate and lost his career? How is that anywhere close to being fair?

And no, I'm not saying I'd want all relationship wrongdoings to go public. I'm saying if you go as far as Zoe Quinn went, then yes absolutely you should be outed.

The same should be said about her other wrongdoings. Any future business partners of hers now know that they're dealing with a very dishonest, untrustworthy person. This is a good thing. When you have mechanisms that discourage and punish unethical behavior you end up with less unethical behavior. Plus you get the good feelings of knowing that people are being punished for their wrongdoings, that justice is being served.

All that to say: the press is full of brainwashed sexists and it's beyond clear that you shouldn't be supporting Zoe Quinn in any way if you want your actions to result in a better world.