Hey murderers, sorry again for the lack of updates on Murder Miners X. Jonny's had some big technical hurdles to get past while developing this game so he hasn't been as productive lately, but updates should start to get more frequent once he gets back to programming the more fun and exciting features. One of the things that took him awhile to get right was our networking solution, Bolt (now called Photon Bolt after the buyout). This is the best networking engine you can purchase for Unity. It means we should basically have AAA-quality networking.

Another thing that's been taking a lot of time is perfecting our animation system, trying to get aiming/rotating, strafing, etc. to work properly (unlike in MM1, where aiming straight up doesn't look correct from 3rd-person view, and doing a 180 turn just rotates the whole player around without leg movement, and strafing/backward walking animations don't exist). This has been pretty complicated, but we'll show it off in our next sneak peek video.

In the meantime, here's some progress on a new weapon that will be in the game:
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