Took a quick break from working on Murder Miners X to update Murder Miners 1. The update is live on Steam now. Here's what we added:

New ban options! You can now permanently ban a player from your current session or all of your future sessions. You can edit your blacklist via the blacklist.txt file. There's a few other hacking fixes included too.

Infection changes! Zombies now start off with insta-tentacle shot and their devouring time and health recharge time have been reduced.

JForce developers now have gold chat text to distinguish from JForce posers.

A few default settings have changed along with some menu stuff. For instance, there's now a link to our Steam workshop when selecting a map so you can quickly get new maps right in the lobby.

As for MMX news, it's been much more productive here lately as we work on getting the next sneak peek out to show off some new tech.

See you online!