Ty and R00k (Jonny) bring forth to you a Murder Miners 1 update from the depths of their hearts:

-Zombie Acid Vomit Attack! Zombies can now projectile vomit to create an acid pool on the ground for area prevention or to execute satisfying kill shots on miners.

-Zombie Regurgitating! Sharing is caring, and what better way to care for your fellow zombies than by regurgitating up some sweet nourishment for them to level up on?

-Vile Wind Attack! In the interests of maturity, we decided to tone down our inner 12 year old and include a more measured, practical ability: The “wind” will travel to wherever the cursor is pointing when activated and serves primarily as a smoke grenade and secondarily for area prevention. They say if you listen to the wind as it passes (hehehe) you can hear the souls of devoured miners softly crying out in disgust.

-We’ve also added a text popup urging hosts to not abuse their banning authority, keeping it mainly for cheaters, spammers, and other extremely loathsome individuals.

-Some miscellaneous changes like the Miner Gun defaulting to blaster.

With the zombies getting so much more powerful, how can the Murder Miners even hope to survive?

Stay tuned…

-JForce Ty