JForce Games is a small band of game makers located in Denton Texas. Our lazy and inexperienced team is committed to making truly bland, unoriginal games with low production value and plenty of compromises in quality. All we care about is money and women.

No wait! We're actually making the best indie game OF ALL TIME, but it's currently on hold while we work on Murder Miners, which just so happens to be the #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game! We also released a smaller game in 2010, Avatar Showdown, which was the #1 selling Xbox Live Indie Game for a whole month! In short, we make it hot.

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Meet JForce:

Jonny Eden Jonny’s our sole programmer. Often describing himself as “the only one who does any work”, he possesses a natural knack for all things mathematical and programming-related and is clinically diagnosed as having a marfanoid appearance.

Favorite Game Ever:
Perfect Dark
Jeremy Eden A self-proclaimed "mastermind of marketing," our team lead Jeremy takes care of the day-to-day business & web work. He also does 3D modeling/animation, and enjoys pissing people off on the internet.

Favorite Game Ever:
Ocarina of Time
Ty Dauster Ty's here to help with game design and the business side. He brings discipline and wisdom to the team. When not reading about economics or theology, he spends time nurturing his love affair with an elderly Hispanic fellow named Ernesto.

Favorite Game Ever:
Shenmue II